Ross McAdams

Ross McAdams

Web Developer

For approximately seven years I have been developing web sites using different technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Preferring to use current methods in HTML 5 and CSS 3. Sites are designed in liquid or static layouts with left and centered designs depending on the desired results. The past three years I helped work on up dating the infrastructure from static to dynamic page generation. From this experience I have learned how to manipulate API data server and client side.


Coding: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP
Database: MySQL and MS SQL
Design tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash
OS: Apple OS X, Ubuntu Linux, Windows 7 & 8
IDE: PHPStorm, NetBeans
Desktop tools: Apple Works, Google Docs and MS Office
Other skills: GIT, GitHub, SVN, Chrome Developer Tools, Firebug


IGN Entertainment, Inc. 9-2009 to 8-2012
Web Developer
  • Worked with in a modified Zend Framework, to build dynamic pages and sites
  • Built custom 'widgets' based on Zend Framework’s helper infrastructure
  • Parsing and manipulating data to and from multiple API’s.
  • ZenForo theme modification
  • Strict CSS grid layout methods based off of 960gs
  • Handled cross domain issues when implementing ajax
  • Deploy process using a custom Fabric file
  • Third party technologies
    • PHPStorm as primary IDE
    • Type Kit and Google Web Fonts for UI design
    • WebPurify API for keeping index pages PG13
    • GIT and GitHub for version control
    • Virtual Box used to run Windows for testing in IE
  • Help set and maintain coding standards
    • CSS class name-spacing
    • JavaScript and PHP variable name-spacing
Clubspaces Inc. 8-2007 to 7-2009
Web Developer / Designer
  • Designing site mock-ups and graphics
  • Hand coding xHTML and CSS
  • Familiarity with cross browser xHTML and CSS issues
  • Trouble shooting cross browser issues
  • Uploading and maintaining sites CSS and images using Clubspaces Inc. Content Management System
  • Maintaining over 300 individual CSS documents for CMS and special clients
  • Layout development using table less and tabled design methods
    • Table less designs for new non-CMS projects
    • Tabled designs for existing CMS clients
  • Working closely with the development team to update products and assist in layout of elements, to take advantage of newer and cleaner CSS methods
M/UX 11-2006 to 3-2007
Lab Technician
  • Using DHCP for Windows boxes and static address for RISC / Linux boxes
  • Set up small office networks between four rooms and two Internet connections
    • Wireless access points using DHCP and WEP security for students personal laptops
  • Maintained multiple software packages for each classroom
  • Used Norton Ghost Server to image the Windows boxes for each different class
    • Later used virtual PC software
    • RISC boxes received fresh installs from CD or local server
Living Canvas Tattoos Inc. 8-2005 to 10-2006
  • Designed, built, and maintained the Living Canvas Tattoos Inc. web site
  • Site was built with DHTML using Frames, CSS, and Java Script
  • All site graphics custom made in Photoshop and/or Illustrator
    • Based off Living Canvas Tattoos' logo and the shop's look and feel
FACS Group West 9-2000 to 10-2006
Systems Coordinator / Tech Support 9-2004 to 10-2006
  • Built web based application for use on the company's intranet for management
  • Built reports for management in ASP accessing MS SQL. Pages used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • User interfaces were created for users to input data for use in the reports
    • Screen scrapes and data imports were used, created, and maintained
  • Desktop support; trouble-shot issues related to computers, hardware, software, network, and user-end problems
    • Tickets entered for all hardware problems to have the system administrators verify the issue and have the hardware replaced if necessary
    • Software issues that couldn't be resolved required a ticket to have the system administrators reinstall software


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop
University of Advancing Technologies
Associate of Arts Degree in Digital Animation Production
Collins College
Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communication


My personal sandbox site
Built with HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript along with jQuery with a PHP backend using MySQL. All site graphics created with Photoshop and or Illustrator
IGN Entertainment, Inc.
Sites built with Zend Framework using an XML document to store data for site
Site built with Zend Framework using API’s to retrieve data
Fuqua Law Firm, P.C.
Built with PHP using xHTML Strict, CSS, and JavaScript. All site graphics created with Photoshop and or Illustrator
Clubspaces, Inc.
Built the HTML and CSS structure and the JavaScript for the drop down menu system. Was responsible for creating the ASP.Net Master pages used by SiteFinity. (The back-end code is SiteFinity, a content management system built in ASP.Net.)